Terra Nova (which is Latin, meaning "new ground") was created to give local emerging and established artists an opportunity to exhibit their work in a fresh, new venue. The concept behind the gallery is simple -- provide exhibit space for original works from artists who are 'ready to hang' but are not tied to a particular gallery.

Our exhibit space, though intimate, allows the artist ample room to display 10-15 works of modest size. Additionally, there is a small gallery area for works on consignment by various artists. Generally, each exhibit will run for about a month.

Gallery owner David Hawkinson has been a part of the local art community for the past 18 years. "The response to the creation of the gallery has been amazingly positive," remarks Hawkinson. "We have received tremendous support from the artists, as well as the art community in general." Local artists view the gallery as a stepping stone for them. Having a successful show can attract the attention of established galleries both locally and nationally. BYU Visual Arts Department sees great potential in Terra Nova Gallery as well. Joe Ostraff of the BYU art faculty is looking forward to actively directing his students to exhibit at Terra Nova. And Vicki Barrett of the Provo Arts Council was thrilled to hear the plans for the new exhibit space and gallery. "We need more places like this in the area. This is just wonderful!" exclaims Barrett. For while there are about two dozen art galleries in Utah County, over half are dedicated exclusively to showing the work of a specific artist or group of artists. Of the galleries that do consider showing outside artists, very few fill their walls solely with originals. The art community welcomes Terra Nova Gallery and appreciates the exposure it will give to artists.

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you come back often to view our latest exhibits. Or, better yet, drop in and see us at our gallery if you can. We're open Monday through Friday 3:30-6. Other times available by appointment.