25 February 2011 Updated images for Cristall Harper.

31 March 2010 The April calendars are ready for you to download your free desktop calendars. We also have our Desert Wanderings page up and ready for our new exhibit opening on Friday the 2nd of April. Hope we see you in the gallery.

4 March 2010 The March calendars are ready for you to download your free desktop calendars.

4 February 2010 We've added a page to download your free desktop calendars.

22 January 2010 We now have all of the images online from the exhibit Seeing In Side Out. If you think they look good here, come to the gallery to see these wonderful pieces from Marcus Alan Vincent and Jesse Royston in person.

4 September 2009 We are pleased to announce our first painting workshop. Plein Air Painting Workshop with Robert McKay scheduled for September 25th & 26th 2009. This looks to be an exciting workshop! Take a look at the information and then tell your friends. Hurry, only ten participants can attend this workshop.

1 June 2009 We have had our monthly Terra Nova Gallery calendars available here in the gallery. We've now created a new electronic desktop version for your computer! You can download this image to your computer and then select it to be your desktop image. It is both Mac & PC friendly! The calendar is in the center of the image and space for your desktop icons is available on each side. This is a great way to keep up to date and enjoy great art from Terra Nova Gallery.

22 May 2008 We have a now work by George Cepull. Take a look at his Imperial Angelfish.

14 July 2006 Touched Melanie McGee's Final Show opens Tuesday July 18th with an artist's reception on July 28th from 6-9 pm. Check out her new work on-line or come see it in person. Touched is sponsored by Terra Nova and is exhibited at Gallery 303 HFAC, Brigham Young University.

2 June 2006 Historic Provo opens TONIGHT and we have all the works on-line. Take a look here then stop in and see the great art! Gallery Stroll tonight 6-9 pm.

1 June 2006 Historic Provo opens on the 2nd and we have almost all the works on-line. Stop in and see the great art!

14 March 2006 Really, we've had new exhibits since last year. It's just that we don't always get to updating this page!

Right now we have 9 new works in the gallery by three artists. Take a look at the new work of Anne Weber, Wulf Barsch and Brett Borup. Once you see them I'm sure you'll want to come into the gallery and see them in person. We also have our new exhibit Women by Women up. The work of Dahrl Thomson & Anne Gregerson is wonderful. Make sure you don't miss this fine exhibit.

21 November 2005 We had a nice write up on our exhibit of Great Things/Small Packages by Rodger L. Hardy of the Deseret Norning News. The story appeared in the Utah Valley Life section on Thursday, Nov. 17th. If you can no longer get that section, here is a link to the on-line edition.

7 November 2005 We have two new exhibits up. Great Things/Small Packages is now showing at the gallery 41 West 300 North. It is our annual small works show. We also have recent works by Todd Orchard at our Storefront Gallery, 55 North University Ave. Suite #110. Make sure you stop and check out each of these wonderful exhibits.

27 September 2005 We have a new artist here in the gallery. Mary Jarvis has left us four pastel landscapes of Utah. Make sure to stop in and see these beautiful works in person.

26 August 2005 Our new exhibit by Ben Hammond & Bryan Mark Taylor is getting on-line. Additional images will be posted as we get them ready. The exhibit opens on Friday September 2nd. The artists' reception will be during the First Friday gallery stroll from 6-8pm.

18 July 2005 Our new exhibit by Marilyn Read is now on-line. The exhibit opened on Friday July 15th. The artists' reception will be during the First Friday gallery stroll on August 5th from 6-8pm.

9 May 2005 We now have all the images on-line for our new exhibit America the Beautiful. The exhibit opened Friday May 6th. This exhibit will continue until July 8th

10 March 2005 We now have all the images on-line for our new exhibit by Jean Jeppson Clay & Marsha Ellis. The exhibit opened Friday March 4th. This exhibit will continue until April 22nd. We even have images of our fun refreshments!

2 March 2005 We have almost all the images now on-line for our new exhibit by Jean Jeppson Clay & Marsha Ellis. The exhibit will be opening on Friday March 4th from 6-8pm. Take a look here and then stop into the gallery to really appreciate their work.

20 January 2005 We have 2 new pieces by a new artist in the gallery. Come and see the great work by George Cepull.

9 December 2004 We've uploaded additional images to the web site for Great Things/Small Packages. As we are very busy at the gallery, not all of the images are online right now. Come and check out the images that we do have online and if you really want to see the entire show feel free to stop by the gallery. As we add more we'll post updates here.

4 December 2004 We had a great opening Friday night. If you missed it please take some time to stop into the gallery and see all the Great Things that come in Small Packages!

We will be closed on Monday for the funeral of Anne Gardner, Florence's mother. For those interested, a viewing will be on Sunday the 5th from 4-6pm at Anderson & Sons funeral home, 49 East 100 North in American Fork, Utah. On Monday the 6th an additional viewing will be from 9:45-10:45am and the funeral service starting at 11am at the American Fork Stake Center, 240 South Center Street.

2 December 2004 With sad hearts we report the recent passing of Anne K Rebentisch Gardner, Florence's mother. Anne passed away unexpectedly the morning of December 2nd. She was last in the gallery on Tuesday afternoon and was excited to see all the work for the Great Things/Small Packages exhibit. With her enthusiasm for the gallery, we are holding the exhibit in her memory. Anne, we miss you!

The exhibit images may be a bit slower coming on-line. Please check back to see the exhibit or stop into the gallery and see all the Great Things/Small Packages.

4 November 2004 Our new exhibit Remembrances: recent works by Rebecca Wetzel Wagstaff is now online.

2 September 2004 The exhibit Chalk It Up! a group exhibition of pastel paintings is now on-line. Come and see some the work of Jerry Hancock, Colleen Howe, Nora Del Murdock, Colleen Parker and Anne Weber.

7 June 2004 The exhibit Historic Provo is now on-line. Come and see some of the many wonderful historic sites in Provo.

24 May 2004 The salsa recipes from the Color, Form and Texture exhibit is now on-line.

11 May 2004 We now have our new exhibit, Color, Form and Texture, on-line. Come and see the work of several great artists.

18 Feb. 2004 Spring flowers are here. Check out the new paintings we have in the gallery by Rebecca Wagstaff, Sarah Lee Richards and Barbara Lyman. These flowers won't wilt and you don't have to water them!

16 Jan. 2004 We now have three paintings by Mary Louise McGettigan in the gallery. Take a look here on-line and then come see them in the gallery.

8 Jan. 2004 We've added a new section to our web site, ET CETERA. Et cetera is a section devoted to education, instruction and other items of interest. The first item there will be a story about the Beauty of Bronze. Check it out and see how a bronze sculputre is created.

Vol II Issue I of tearsheet is now out (however not on the newsstands!) If you have not received your copy and would like us to send you one please e-mail us at with your complete mailing address and we'll get one to you. Or you can always stop into the gallery and pick one up.

2 Jan. 2004 Our new exhibit of recent work by Ron Rogers is now on-line. We've also added some new paintings by Cristall Harper. Check out all the new paintings, then come & see them in the gallery.

15 Dec. We've added a new work for all you dog lovers out there. Check out the new painting by Marsha Ellis.

10 Dec. Now on-line is the new exhibit by Brett Larsen. Take a look and then come into the gallery to see these paintings in person.

26 Nov. We have a spicey new painting by Kaziah Hancock. Come and take a look at Hot Chilie Peppers.

18 Nov. We have four new wonderful pastels by Anne Weber. Take a look on-line then come to the gallery to see them in person.

7 Nov. Our new exhibit, Domicile, opens tonight with an artists reception from 6-8pm. The work of Cassandra Barney, Todd Orchard and Joanne Smith are featured in this exhibit. The exhibit runs through the 28th of November.

6 Nov. Take a look at Artists of Utah E-Zine 15 Bytes on Page 4 for a great story about Terra Nova Gallery.

All images copyright by artist. Images by Hawkinson Photography.
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